i heart….

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iPhones (just got my first smartphone- I know, finally coming out of the dark ages)!

And also instagram! Later, I know I will love this little picture trail of our park dates and Saturday morning donuts. Plus, I like capturing (and sharing) little sneak peaks of the projects filling my to-do list right now. So fun!

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    1. Hilarious. Adam has had an iPhone for awhile now, so I’ve been living vicariously through him. But I LOVE having my own. 🙂 You too???

  1. Oh man, congrats on the iphone!! I just got mine in April and had to give it back when we moved in August and it has not yet been replaced. Let me tell you, you’ll suddenly find yourself using it in so many ways, I feel more than a little lost without mine! But instagram is fab, it feels like a mini blog, and iphone pics can be really great.

    Hope all is going well with the house(s) and move!!

    1. Erin, I bet it’s way trickier to adjust to life without a smartphone than to life with one. 🙂
      Loving your blog posts- what a great birthday. And it sounds like Hannah and Piper Jane are two peas in a pod. Exhausting, right? High highs and low lows. Burke was/is just so even and mellow that her passion and sass really throw me.
      Also, thanks for the kind words about the house(s)! We are finally out of the old house (we’re renting it… we’ve been showing it a ton, so hopefully soon that’ll just be, “it’s rented”)… there’s no kitchen in the new house yet. Honestly, the lack of a kitchen sink is the only part that’s really rough. We have a microwave, a crockpot and a fridge, just no place to do dishes. Yuck. Fingers crossed that this doesn’t last for long. Thanks for checking in, friend!

  2. Coveting you! I got rid of mine a few weeks back because it was defective. Now my blog has been left unattended. I’m limping without it… : (
    But I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yours (sniff). : )

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