DIY diaper clutch

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how to make a purse-like diaper clutchFriends, I have found it! I have been searching for a looong time, and I have finally found it- the perfect, easy-to-put-together, everyone-needs-one baby shower gift!

how to make a purse-like diaper clutch by kojodesignsSee, my friend Katie gives these fabulous baby blankets to everyone as shower presents. And as I’ve watched this stroke of genius move, I’ve often thought, “I need a go-to handmade baby shower present too!” But my ideas have all fallen short (embroidered onesies are great, if the parents know the name… and nursing covers, my other main contender, can’t really be sewn ahead if you want to match the fabric to the mama-to-be). Until today.

diaper_clutch_tutorialThese diaper clutches are perfect, y’all. They are super cute, they don’t scream ‘baby,’ but are great to have in the baby bag or purse for emergency changes and runs to the restroom. And did I mention that they’re so purse-like and cute?

coach_inspired_diaper_bagI made one for my sister to match her Coach-esque baby bag.

how to make a diaper clutchAnd I am so smitten that I made this pretty mint colored one for myself (both of my kids are potty trained)! Right now, I use it mine to tuck an emergency change of clothes for Piper Jane into my purse.

how to make a diaper clutchEven better, these clutches are so-so-so easy to make (there are great tutorials here and here that I used as reference).

how to make a diaper clutchFirst cut two 21″ x 13″ rectangles of fabric, one of heavier exterior material (I used vinyl/pleather) and one of lining material (quilter’s cotton or home decor weight fabric both worked great). OPTIONAL- If you want a line of elastic to hold diapers/wipes/diaper rash cream in place, pin a 13″ wide length of elastic 12″ from the bottom of the lining rectangle. Sew in place along the vertical edges, and then at intervals along the elastic, making ‘pockets’ where creams or essentials can be secured.

how to make a diaper clutchThen fold up 8″ of the bottom edge so that the right sides are facing each other, pin in place and sew along the left and right edges. Repeat the folding/pinning/sewing with the exterior pockets. For the lining pocket, leave a 3″-4″ opening in the middle of the sewing (for turning the clutch right side in). Cut two diagonal lines on both the exterior flap and the lining flap, making triangles. These will become ‘envelope-esque’ closures for the clutch.

diaper clutch tutorialTurn the exterior pocket right side in and tuck into the lining pocket (the right side of the lining pocket should be facing the right side of the exterior pocket. Pin all along the closures (either triangular or rectangular) and along the opening. Sew in place.

how_to_make_a_clutchAdd magnetic closures to the center of the flap of the lining piece and the front of the exterior pocket (to determine where to add the magnet on the exterior, fold the flap over the pocket and mark). Secure. You might also want to add an extra piece of interfacing or thick fabric to the back of the magnetic closure for sturdiness and stability.

diaper clutch tutorialPull the clutch right side in through the opening in the stitching. Top stitch along all of the top edges to secure.

how to make a purse-like diaper clutch by kojodesigns

DONE! Be-autiful, right? And the perfect gift for new mama’s. I seriously can’t wait for my next baby shower.

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    1. Hey Meg! I got this fabulous mint vinyl (and the brown pleather for the Coach-ish baby bag) at Michael Levine in LA… I wonder if they have all of their vinyl/pleather online??? If not, has a good selection and free returns. I have ordered several cuts of pleather/vinyl from them that didn’t turn out the way I was imagining, but no harm no foul since you can send it back if that’s how it goes.
      If you find any great sources, will you let me know? I’d love to know what you find!

  1. seriously you read my mind!! I have been wanting to make one of these so bad and I NEED one for my bag! we’re going to SD tomorrow for my sisters wedding and I wanted to whip one up quick so my bag is more organized. thank you!!!!!!

    1. Alicia! So fun! They are a quick sew (30-45 minutes!), so you totally have time.
      Did you get the fake eyelashes? I always want to try those too (in fact, I have some in my makeup stash, they just haven’t made it out of my stash and onto my eyes yet)… You’ll have to tell me how that goes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Forget making for a diaper/wipe combo…I’m making one for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is just too easy of a DIY in order to get those cute, coordinated clutches in your stable of accessories. I’m going to make several different kinds to go with my spring/summer wardrobe! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Susan, what a great plan! I have to admit, I have no kids in diapers and one of these in my purse at all times. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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