garden tea birthday party


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garden tea birthday partygarden tea partyMy girls are the ultimate party planners and love to come up with themes for their birthday parties.
garden tea partyAs I mentioned, for Keadryn’s sixth birthday she decided she wanted a garden party (not a gardening party, but a tea party in the garden like they have in Britain). I have no idea where she got it from, but the girl had a vision in her mind.

garden tea partyThe problem is that we live in the Middle East, and for her summer birthday the temperatures were around 115. Oh, and in the desert, we don’t really have a thriving garden… but we still did our best to make things feel dainty and flowery and bring the garden to the party.


garden tea partyThe menu was all dainty tea party favorites- crudite, finger sandwiches, scones.
garden tea partyAnd we served tea, of course!

garden tea partyThe birthday cake was topped with fondant flowers. I have said it before and I’ll say it again- everything is more labor intensive here (a general lack of supplies/ingredients that I am used to plus a finicky oven equals high maintenance baking). This cake was no exception. But it was yummy, and Kead loved it, so we’ll count it a success.

garden tea partygarden tea partyThe star of the menu, hands down, was a fruit trifle bar.

garden tea party trifle barFruit is more-than-a-little-expensive here (I think each carton of berries was more than $10!), but it was the birthday girl’s only request, so trifles-with-berries it was!


garden tea partyFlowers, flowers and more flowers made up the garden party decor- tissue paper flowers from ceiling…

garden tea party…flowers in vases and in tea pots…

garden tea party flower backdrop…and a whole wall of flowers as the Trifle Bar backdrop…

garden tea partyThere was also a flower filled “K” wreath on the door…

garden tea party…stacks of tea cups and tea pots…

garden tea party…and a “Happy Six” Banner as well.

garden tea partyThe kojo-made party signage rounded out the decor (and will be up in the etsy shop soon!)


garden tea party hat making station Each guest was invited to “make a hat absolutely smashing” with ribbon, flowers, bows, lace and pearls. I will be honest- it is always a little surprising to me how much little party guests love these stations.

garden tea party hat making stationAnd y’all, they made the most smashing hats ever!

garden tea partygarden tea partyThe birthday girl and her friends had the best time (and didn’t even notice the lack of actual live flowers)- success!

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