how to make giant tissue paper flowers

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how to make giant tissue paper flowersOnce upon a time, Jord made this amazing wall of paper flowers out of crepe paper (the tutorial for making the paper flowers is here). Even though large sheets and rolls of crepe paper is easy to come by internationally, it is much less common in the States. Which means, we often get the question, “Can I make these flowers with tissue paper?”

how to make giant tissue paper flowersSince we hadn’t tried it, we’d usually reply, “If you try it, will you let us know how it works out?” But I had the chance to make giant tissue paper flowers for Piper’s Favorite Things Party (lots… and lots… and LOTS of giant tissue paper flowers, in fact) and I am here to tell you all- it works! Tissue paper flowers = totally doable!

how to make giant tissue paper flowersThe original tutorial provides more than enough detailed information if you want to replicate this process, but I took some pictures along the way of how this looks with tissue paper as well.

how to make giant tissue paper flowersAren’t they so fun? I think a wall of these would be such a fun, whimsical addition to a wall in a little girls room (in a place that is less humid than Saipan- haha!).

how to make giant tissue paper flowersHappy giant paper flower making, friends!

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  1. These are beautiful! Do you know what the dimensions of the paper you used was and maybe a hint of where I can find it or where I can order a roll/sheet that large in the States?

  2. Thanks!! This is the exact type of tutorial I was looking for. Big flowers, fluffy fuzzy centers. I think even uncrafty me can do this with your pics and steps. I’m doing a black, pumpkin, dark red Halloween version. If I master it, I’ll post a pic.

  3. Was looking for tutorials and came across your page. What a coincidence that we both live in Saipan! Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

    1. Hey Hana! We have recently moved back stateside (and miss Saipan every single day!). Say hi to the beach and eat some poke from Naked Fish for me. Glad the instructions were helpful!

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