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how to make gorgeous, BIG crepe paper flowersLast week, we shared Keadryn’s Garden Tea Party. Since the wall-of-giant-crepe-paper-flowers-backdrop was the star of the show (and since you probably need a few of these as decor, or a party backdrop, or even a gift wrap accessory!), we thought we’d share the paper flower how to as well.

how to make BIG, gorgeous, BIG crepe paper flowerscrepe paper flower backdropYou will need:

Crepe paper (or tissue paper*)

*Tissue paper isn’t readily available here and is much more expensive than crepe paper, so I use crepe paper. The differences I have seen are that crepe paper has more texture, but is trickier to fluff. Also, crepe paper comes in longer rolls, so if you use tissue paper for this project you will have to make two or three folded accordion pieces and combine them.

EDITED TO ADD- We tried the tissue paper version- details are here!

how to make gorgeous crepe paper flowersStep 1:
Cut crepe paper into three lengths, if you want a contrasting middle, the smallest size should be in a contrasting color.

how to make gorgeous crepe paper flowersStep 2:
Round the edges of the large and medium piece. Cut fringe on the smallest piece.

how to make beautiful crepe paper flowersStep 3:
Open each piece and stack them largest to smallest, centering them evenly.

how to make gorgeous paper flowersStep 4:
Accordion fold all three layers together. (if you are using tissue paper repeat 1-4 to make two more pieces before proceeding to step 5)

how to make big paper flowersStep 5:
Tie the center with a wire.

how to make paper flowersStep 6:
Fan out into a flower

tutorial- how to make giant paper flowers for a wedding or party backdrop (or home decor)Step 7:
Fluff the separate pieces, doing the center piece first.

how to make gorgeous, BIG crepe paper flowersStep 8:
You’re done! Hang on the wall with tape.

crepe paper flower backdropTo make different variations, use different colors and on some flowers instead of fringe, round the center as well. You can also cut the ends into triangles instead of rounding the edges for a different to make BIG, gorgeous crepe paper flowers

And clustered together, they make one seriously gorgeous backdrop as well.

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  1. what width and length did you cut the crepe paper? And is it just one layer of crepe paper per section or is it folded over like it appears to be in the first pictures? Thanks! Jen

    1. Hey Jen- the longest section is the length of a roll of crepe paper, and then I estimated the middle and small sizes off of that. And yes, the crepe paper is folded into an accordion. Hope that helps!

  2. The backdrop is beautiful! I was thinking about doing something like this for my daughter’s bday…Can you please tell me what kind of tape you used to stick the flowers to the wall?

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hey Stacy, just texted my sister (who made the flower wall)- she used 3M tape to secure the flowers to the wall. She said the flowers held up well and then came off easily. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  3. where did you buy the crepe paper roll from? I’m from Houston, TX and I can’t find it at Michaels or Hobby Lobby

    1. Hey Linda, the rolls of crepe paper are all over the place where we live (overseas), but harder to find in the States. Sometimes Cost Plus World Market has some. But when we lived in the States, we ordered it online. Hope that helps!

    2. Linda, I know it way past when you were looking, but Arnes Wholesale warehouse off of I-10 has Crepe Paper not the heavy duty but it is heavier than tissue paper

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  5. Thank you for showing us how to use tissue paper!!! I’m decorating for a welcome home and celebration for my daughters. I just made the prettiest tissue flowers ever!!!✨✨

    1. I love it Laura! I was just thinking that I should make some of these for my daughter’s room- so glad they worked for you! 😉

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