how to make metallic pumpkins


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how to make metallic pumpkins by kojodesigns for spooktacular at eighteen25Last week, we shared this metallic pumpkin how-to at Spooktacular and thought we’d share it on here as well. These fabulous goodies combine two of my favorite things- pumpkins and metallic spay paint!

how to make copper, silver and gold pumpkins by kojodesigns for spooktacular at eighteen25I love all things metallic and shiny- they add the perfect

To make some of these shiny pumpkins, gather-

*paper mache pumpkins (I got a bag of small ones a few large ones at Jo-Ann’s)

*flat white spray paint or spray primer (optional)

*metallic spray paint (I had all of these colors on hand, but I think it’d be fine to do one or two colors of spray paint)

metallic pumpkin tutorialSpray all of your pumpkins with flat white spray paint or primer. This step is optional, though the extra coat of spray paint makes for less coats of the more-expensive metallic spray paint since the paper mache really soaks up the paint. After letting the white coat dry (15 minutes-ish), add a coat of metallic spray paint. Wait until the paint is dry to the touch (again, 15 minutes), turn the pumpkin and spray again. Repeat if necessary.

how to make metallic pumpkinsmetallic pumpkin tutorialAnd there you have it- metallic pumpkins ready for adding a little fall-ish flair to porches and mantel alike!

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