baked kale chips

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how to make baked kale chips (just kale, olive oil, herbs and salt)One of the great successes of this year’s potager was an abundant crop of kale. I make the True Food kale salad a couple times a week and make juice with kale almost every day. And after seeing Maggie’s kale chips on instagram and her blog, I was so excited to make some as well.

baked_kale_chipsI followed her same basic process, though, I didn’t have any olive oil spray on hand, so I just tossed the kale with olive oil and herbs, shaking to coat.

roasted kale chips- yummy and healthybaked kale chipsWe served these as part of a fondue birthday party for our sister-in-law,Tricia, and they are so yummy, y’all! In fact, we’d eaten almost half of the batch before guests arrived, so my dad collected more kale and we made another. YUM!

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    1. Trish, the sauces were definitely Jordan’s genius. She LOVES sauces (we almost threw her a ‘saucy’ party for her 30th). I’ll put together more info on that set up in the next couple weeks!

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