handmade gift idea- diy tea wreath

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diy tea wreath handmade gift ideaAfter yesterday’s post about DIY hand warmers and today’s post about DIY tea wreaths (both of which we are using as teacher gifts this holiday season), y’all are going to think I am quite the over achiever. Or that I get cold easily.

handmade gift idea- DIY tea wreathAnd actually, those statements are both kind of true. Once upon a time, I was an overachiever- in the glory days when extra credit was an actual thing that had the power to change actual things, like my grades. Lately, I am mostly aiming for status quo, but even that feels unattainable many days. These extra-early teacher gifts are finished because of self-imposed (well, blog-imposed) deadlines and not really over achieving. Also, I do hate being cold, and get cold and stay cold easily, but those aren’t necessarily related to my recent tea wreath making ventures.

handmade holiday idea- tea wreathAll of that to say, after kind of forgetting about the glory of Tea Wreaths last Christmas, they are back in full effect this year! The (super simple!) tutorial is here in case you’re wanting to put one together.

handmade gift idea- DIY tea wreathBurke and Pi have even done some legwork to find out whether we should fill these circle-of-warm-drink gems with cocoa or tea (three teas and one cocoa). They’re really excited to give these tea wreaths to their teachers (I think because of their reconnaissance info-gathering)- too cute.

handmade gift idea- DIY tea wreathAnd just to keep things real, I am finished with two tea wreaths, partially finished with the third and still haven’t started the fourth. I will probably be finishing those last two up on our drive to school the last morning before Christmas break. If only Over Achiever Kirst were still around…

Tell me friends, are you working on holiday gifts yet? What are you making?

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  1. Working on small (ten by ten inches or so) lap loom weavings as holiday gifts this year. I have invested in the yarn and the loom so it’s now up to me to keep producing the handiworks.

    Your tea wreaths are very attractive and useful too. Like you I get and stay cold; having yarn nearby feels cozy.

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