how to make glitter covered art hangers


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how to make glitter covered hangers

So the amount of excitement I feel for these glitter covered hangers is a little ridiculous. They are literally the perfect art hangers for a studio/craft room/sewing room (we use these terms interchangeably around here- haha).

how to make glitter covered hangers

I can’t help my ridiculous love, though! Every time I see them, in all of their glitter-y, art-hanging glory, I fall in love all over again. I can’t find my inspiration source photo- I remember seeing these gorgeous glittery hangers as part of a baby nursery a long time ago (pre-pinterest, even!) and have wanted to make some of my own ever since.

how to make glitter covered hangers

And aren’t those month by month 2014 calendar prints fabulous as well? They’re a free printable by Oh the lovely things (I. love. them.).

how to make glitter covered hangersEven better, the glittery hangers are so easy to put together (always a huge bonus). I used these pants hangers from IKEA, spray painted the top part silver (so the black part wouldn’t stand out too much), brushed gold metallic paint on the wood and sprinkled glitter onto the wet paint. Then, after allowing the paint/glitter to dry, I covered the glitter with clear glossy spray paint (to prevent a glitter shower whenever I add new art work).

how to make glitter covered hangers

In love. Seriously.

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    1. Hey tess! Do you mean how did I contain the glitter when I was making them (I didn’t really- I just did the whole process over a poster board to collect the glitter shower)? Or how does the glitter stay now? For that, I sprayed the whole thing with clear gloss spray paint- keeps the glitter stuck and keeps my stuff from getting all glittery every time I change the art work.
      Hope that helps!

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