thirtieth birthday party- nacho bar

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nacho bar- the perfect party foodOur baby brother turned thirty (30!?!) a couple weeks ago. When we started planning his birthday party, our priority was great food. And cheese. Aj (our brother) loves cheese.

nacho bar party stationSo we brought back an old favorite- the Nacho Bar (our last Nacho Bar was a huge hit as well!).

nacho bar toppingsIt’s such a crowd pleaser, and so easy to put together (especially if you get your queso from Qdoba, like we did)- I love this food station!

nacho bar food party stationAs a new twist, we made a menu board of Nacho combinations that were all nods to Aj’s interests (our hometown, soccer, the Phillies, engineering… well and a combo we called “The Chipster” since we always tease him about his antagonism towards all things hipster). Notice anything funny?

nacho bar food party stationOf course, the Nacho Bar was the most giant hit ever (in fact, the queso bowl was scraped clean). And the party was fantastic- low key, great company, good food- the perfect way to ring in 30!

nacho bar food party stationHappy thirtieth, baby brother!

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  1. I was wondering where you got the template for your Nachos sign? I am hosting something similiar next week and I love the design!

    1. Hey Meg, I made the sign! Sometimes I list the party packages in our etsy shop- let me know if you want me to do that for the Nacho sign!

  2. Hi! My 30th birthday is coming up in November, and much like your little brother I LOVE cheese and am planning on having a nacho bar 🙂 Where did you guys get the bowls and containers for your nacho bar? Thank you!

    1. I love this- what a great way to ring in 30!
      The cake stands are from Anthropologie, as are the colored bowls. The apothecary jar is from Crate and Barrel and I found those baskets at Target. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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