DIY polka dot magazine file boxes


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DIY file folders- add gold foil stickers or polka dotted paint for an easy office projectThese polka dotted magazine file boxes were one of my favorite DIY projects that I made for my sewing room.

polka dotted magazine file foldersThey’re so easy to make, uber functional (the perfect spot for my pile of instruction manuals and other useful, but not pretty, items!), and the polka dots are perfection!

DIY polka dot magazine file boxesTo make the painted boxes, I marked out evenly spaced notches on wooden magazine file boxes (from Ikea) and just dotted a dab of paint onto the notches with a pencil eraser. For the metallic dots, I marked out the pattern and then covered my notches with gold foil stickers.

DIY polka dot magazine file foldersSimple! And fabulous!

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