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free printable teacher survey- get to know your teacher's likes, interests and favorite things (such a great idea generator!)Y’all might remember that once upon a time, I was an elementary school teacher. Watching first hand just how hard teachers work made me think again and again, “I can’t wait until we have kids and they have teachers I can spoil!”

getting to know you teacher survey- find out all of your kids' teachers favorite things with this free printable!Well, we are here! And to help us out along the finding-fun-treats-for-Miss-Kristy path, we gave her a little Getting To Know You survey this week.

free printable teacher survey- get to know all of your kids' teacher's favorite things, restaurants, shopping places and treats with this survey!Now that we know her favorite snacks, treats, restaurants and places to shop, we are one step closer to be the best teacher spoilers ever! And just in case you are wanting to give your kids’ teachers something similar, download the free printable teacher survey here!

ps- Burke is taking trail mix (Miss Kristy’s favorite snack) in tomorrow. Random Fridays deserve teacher treats, right?


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  1. Kirst, I love this & just sent it to school with the girls! Thanks so much!!! Is there a Target in Saipan??

    1. So glad it was useful.
      And oh dear, nothing close. Not even a Kmart or Walmart… or even a big grocery store. But everyone here has a ‘get from Target at home list’ of things to load up on when they’re stateside.
      Dreaming of Target now… 😉

  2. Wow, this is so nice. My son starts Kindergarten Monday, sniffle… This will come in handy when it’s time to show appreciation. Thank you very much for creating this!

    1. Leslie, the start of school has been rough on my mama-heart too! And, YES, so nice to know what my son’s teacher actually likes so we can appreciate her well! 🙂

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