DIY glitter confetti packets (and two other sparkly projects)

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Season to Sparkle party hop- these projects= are such great party ideas! They would work for a glam holiday party, a New Year's fete or even a glittery birthday bash!We’re so excited for the last installment of Season to Sparkle glittery-ness today!

how to make sparkly glittery confetti packets (Season to Sparkle party hop)First up, our very own tutorial for glitter confetti sparkle scatter-ers. Y’all, I am smitten with these little gems (especially since I firmly believe that all occasions are better with confetti… and glitter).

how to make glitter confetti packets (Season to Sparkle party hop)To make glitter confetti packets for your party guests, gather small glassine bags, sequins, metallic confetti and glitter, the free printable labels (download here), and metallic washi tape.

how to make glitter confetti packets (Season to Sparkle party hop)Fill the glassine bag with confetti and sequins, tape shut with metallic washi tape, add a label on the front of the packet.

DIY glitter confetti packetsThen, to add a stripe of glitter at the bottom, add a piece of tape to provide a straight line, paint below the tape (and even overlapping the tape a little) with glitter paint. Sprinkle glitter on top of the paint. Shake excess glitter off and let dry.

DIY glitter confetti packetsGlitter Confetti Packets done- and ready for adding a little extra sparkle to any party!
season to sparkle party hopToday’s lineup also includes these glitter adorned party glasses by Whatever Dee Dee Wants (fun, right?)…

Season to Sparkle Party Hop- glittery holiday party ideas (tons of new year's party ideas as well!)… and these DIY holiday napkins by Squirrelly Minds. Love the sparkle!

Season to sparkle party hop- this glittery party is FULL of christmas, new year's and birthday party ideas!Can’t wait to try some of these out! Thanks again to Tiny Prints and to Sara from Confetti Sunshine for the idea and the gorgeous styling!

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