DIY kitty tunic (with free embroidery template)

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how to make a kitty tunic (with free kitty face template)I’m sure this will shock you, but we don’t wear pants very often in Saipan. Ok, don’t-wear-very-often is an exaggeration. During Typhoon Vongfong we lounged around in sweatpants and long sleeves, but because we could, not because we had to. So pretty much never.

how_to_make_a_kitty_tunicHowever, my little clotheshorse has been hoping and hoping for a dress with a kitty face. Since I had a cute plain black tunic from H&M on hand, I added a kitty face a couple weeks ago and surprised Pi with her new ‘kitty tunic’ in Hong Kong (we’ve been loving the cooler weather here… also, Piper is so smitten that she even wore her kitty tunic to bed last night- haha!).

how to make a kitty tunic (with a free printable kitty face template)This project would make such fabulous (and easy!) Christmas gift if you have little girls on your list!
DIY kitty tunic (with free printable kitty face template)Just print the kitty face template and trace using fabric chalk (I punched little dots along the lines to allow for tracing). Then embroider your tracing (a basic embroidery tutorial can be found here).

DIY kitty tunic (with free printable template)Pair with oh-so-spunky polka dot skinnies (tutorial to come tomorrow) and your little fashionista is ready to live it up in the cooler Hong Kong weather (or wherever your fall may take you).

DIY kitty tunic (with free printable kitty face template)DIY kitty tunic (with free printable kitty face template)As a side note, we are staying next to the flower market here in Hong Kong and I am just about in love. Not only are there gorgeous flowers everywhere you look, it smells absolutely amazing (and, as a bonus, it is it just about the best photo shoot location ever).

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