how to make polka dotted skinnies


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DIY polka dotted skinny jeansI have a thing for polka dots. And skinny jeans. So when I started seeing polka dotted skinnies by Mini Boden and J Crew, I was totally smitten.

DIY polka dotted skinny jeans (super cute and SO easy)They aren’t the most practical purchase, given our tropical island home. But I brought a couple pairs of skinny jeans for Piper when we moved and figured nothing would be lost in a failed attempt to add polka dots.

DIY polka dotted skinnies (super cute and SO easy to put together)Luckily, they turned out to be just as cute as can be (with my very favorite price tag- free!).

how to make polka dot skinniesTo make these, I gathered a pencil with a brand new eraser, a small paint brush and white fabric paint. Using my sewing straight edge, I made vertical lines of dots down the center of the front of each leg, spacing the dots every two inches. Then I added two more vertical rows of dots, using the existing center row as my guide.

Since the eraser makes a perfect circle outline, I went back and filled in the centers of all of the polka dots with fabric paint using the small paint brush. Then I let the paint dry, turned the pants over, and repeated the entire process on the back.

DIY polka dotted skinnies (the perfect handmade gift that is both super cute and easy to make!)Paired with a kitty tunic, these have been Piper’s go to pants for exploring Hong Kong.

DIY polka dotted skinnies (both super cute and SO easy to make!)And wouldn’t they make a fun (and easy-to-put-together) Christmas gift as well?

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