the easiest (no bake!) holiday appetizers

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easy, no bake appetizers. great for holiday parties!

Hi friends! Can you believe it’s already December? In the year 2014? I just can’t get over how fast this year has gone. I swear, we just got off the plane from our summer visit to the states last week…and now it’s DECEMBER. The best part of December? The holiday parties have begun. I LOVE holiday parties. In prep for the bustle I was making this cheese ball and thought, I’m sure there are TONS of easy, no bake recipes to share and sure enough, there are all sorts of easy recipes that are super simple and don’t involve and oven.

So, here’s a list of super simple appetizers that you can make ahead, or make minutes before you have to head out the door.Some of these you can even grab at the store on your way to a party. And, they are all SO tasty that you won’t have to worry with how to bring the leftovers home, because there won’t be any.

easiest (no bake!) holiday appetizers
1. This cheese ball is a crowd pleaser! You can also add fresh jalepenos to up the spice.-green chile cheese ball

cream cheese and pepper jelly
2. Isn’t the simple act of cutting the cream cheese into triangles and making a tree so genius?! You could pick up the ingredients for this one on your way to a party.-cream cheese + pepper jelly

spicy fire crackers
3. These crackers are SO addictive. I am only allowed to make these to take to a party, or I will eat the entire bowl.-spicy fire crackers

turkey pesto pinwheels
4. These are cute, simple and always gone in minutes.-turkey pesto pinwheels

the best hummus recipe- brought straight from her sister's days living in the middleeast5. My most favorite hummus of all time. You can serve it with veggies for a healthier snack.-hummus

homemade salsa
6. Who doesn’t love a big bowl of chips and yummy salsa at a party? –homemade salsa

pickle rolls
7.These pickles are a staple at my husbands family gatherings. My mother-in-law doesn’t put them all out at once, so that her sons can pace themsleves. –pickle roll-ups

knorr spinach dip
8.This was my grandma’s go-to recipe. She brought it to every gathering, and with reason. So easy and so tasty (I believe she used a french onion dip packet instead of the veggie one, which might be easier to find.) –bread bowl spinach dip

mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil. caprese skewers
9.A light, beautiful and festive holiday snack-caprese skewers

seven layer dip
10.A classic. In my opinion, it must be present at –seven layer dip

baked brie with cranberry
I know this one is not no-bake, but it is such an easy and DELICIOUS appetizer that I had to include it as a bonus: –cranberry baked brie

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