DIY leather “XO” throw pillow

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easiest ever DIY throw pillow with leather accentsI might’ve mentioned once or twice (ahem…) that I am always on the lookout for home décor ideas that are both easy to make and pretty once you’ve made them- bonus points if the supplies for said easy-and-pretty-project are easy to procure.

easiest ever DIY throw pillow with leather accentsAnd even though this project is so easy that no tutorial is required- seriously, y’all, just cut out a leather “X” and “O” and use fabric adhesive to glue to an already made linen throw pillow case (I ordered that one from H&M home, but I’m certain you can find something similar at Target)- it is also so firmly in the easy-pretty-common-project-supply category that I feel compelled to share.

easiest ever DIY throw pillow with leather accentsNot only would this make a fun addition to a kid’s room or play room (or beach bag- haha), if you’re already looking ahead to Father’s Day, wouldn’t this be a fun gift to make for your hot hubby?

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