accidentally unplugged

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iced coffee with sprinklesI always imagine that being unplugged from all internet and cell service and media for a little while would be refreshing and wonderful- filled with iced coffee topped with sprinkles. And hammocks.

But when our island was entirely cut off from the outside world and plunged unexpectedly to a few weeks of forced unplugged-ness, it wasn’t quite as romantic as I’d imagined. Perhaps it’s because there was zero prep time to tie up loose ends and finish up deadlines and download whatever we might need for the next month (darn unpredictable typhoons and the damaged fiber optic cables they leave in their wake) and so many things were just left floating and unfinished? Who knows.

Since our internet is only partially restored (think the slowest 1995 dial up you can imagine- the kind where you can see you got a new email but not open it, and the kind where uploading or downloading anything is only but a dream), blogging is going to be a bit sporadic around here for awhile. Luckily, without access to the internet and social media, I acquired all sorts of extra minutes this last month.

homemade salsaMinutes mostly spent reading (Circle Maker and Women of the Word, both life changing… also Girl on the Train- such suspense!), making salsa (we finally have a tomato harvest- woohoo!), sewing, and prepping a baby room (which is another story altogether- the jist is that we started because we thought we were fostering a baby, which fell through, but we’ve continued the room prep hoping that it’s home to a baby sometime soon anyway). Which means that I have a few fun things ready to share with y’all as internet speeds allow.

Honestly, I have been really earnestly praying about and considering the best direction for kojo anyway, and this forced break is providing some good space and perspective. And until I have a little more clarity, paired with actual internet, the posting will be a bit light (though very, very fun!). See you soon!

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