nesting (round 3)

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sewing for babyI have always wondered if I would nest as an adoptive mama. While I was pregnant, my nesting urges were overwhelmingly strong. In fact, when I was pregnant with Pi I couldn’t sleep, so I spent hours each night during my third trimester washing baby clothes in Dreft and deep cleaning every inch of our house and sewing baby projects.

baby projectsMy life feels kind of like that right now again.

I mean, I am not having trouble sleeping (except for when the Lord keeps me up to pray, and I don’t mind that so much). And I’m not really cleaning that much because, in Saipan, I have the most wonderful house help ever and she pretty much stays on top of the regular cleaning AND the deep cleaning.

best news ever- we are adopting a baby girl!But organizing? Purging allofthespaces? Sewing piles of burp cloths and teeny tiny dresses and piles of blankets? Getting our small nursery ready for our baby girl? Yes to all of those. In abundance.

Apparently, I do (nest, I mean). We are so excited to meet baby girl!

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  1. So excited for you, and she is a blessed little girl indeed to get a mama who’s building such a lovely and loving nest for her!!!

  2. Is there a tutorial for those pants?? I just had a boy and have fallen in love with that style – anything to keep the child from looking like an old man! (I hate the wide leg baby pants with onesies – the ones pictured are fitted without being girly!) Anyone I apparently need to make some!! I’ve been buying!

    Also I’m so sorry about your failed adoption, and yet I’m thrilled for Bohden! I’m nursing now and catching up… we had quite the summer. I was a little MIA!

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