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DIY watercolor garland (and tiny nursery 'nook')Apparently my nesting instincts were in overdrive last summer, because as we approached Bohden’s due date, every single thing I had put on my rather extensive “Get Ready for Baby Boy” to do list was checked off and done a couple weeks before his due date.

ALL the deep cleaning- check

Baby room prepping- check

Onesie name embroidering- check

Baby clothes laundering and folding- check

Baby sleep book reading (it had been a long time and I needed a refresher… though, for the record, this prep has had zero impact on the World’s Worst Sleeper) – check

DIY watercolor garland (and tiny nursery 'nook')DIY watercolor garland (and tiny nursery 'nook')And I wasn’t really in a ‘sit around and relax’ kind of mood those last couple weeks, so our house turned into Baby Project Central. To fill the waiting minutes, I sewed and knitted and painted and decorated. In fact, I made a whole pile of little rompers and baby blankets and projects for his tiny nursery. This watercolor garland was one of those projects.

DIY watercolor garland (and tiny nursery 'nook')To make it, I printed 4×6 sized outlines of the letters in his name (B-O-H-D-E-N). I placed each printed letter on one garland ‘flag’ and traced the letter with a heavy hand. Then, I used the resulting outline to make my garland. I colored each letter in with white crayon, outlined the letters with watercolors, and then painted the background with a gradient of watercolors.

DIY watercolor garland (and tiny nursery 'nook')After stringing my little letter lineup onto some ribbon, I had a sweet watercolored “Bohden” garland to hang above his changing table. In fact, it’s one of the projects I tucked into a suitcase and brought back with us. Someday, when I start working on his nursery here, this will find a spot in his new space as well.

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