how to make homemade tortilla chips

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how to make homemade tortilla chipsSo one of our very favorite things about Texas? The cooler labeled “warm tortillas” at HEB. It’s a problem, y’all.

how to make homemade tortilla chipsBut figuring out how to turn those little gems of deliciousness into homemade tortilla chips? It’s either the best, or worst, news ever (depending on whether you’re judging from an addictive-yumminess standpoint or a waistline one). But with football season in full swing, probably best news ever!how to make homemade tortilla chips


6 flour tortilla (the small ones, preferably without preservatives)

1/2 cup canola oil


Cut tortillas into sixths. Warm up oil in a dutch oven. When oil is hot (on medium heat), drop tortilla pieces into oil, letting each one puff up and brown before removing from oil and letting dry on paper towels.

how to make homemade tortilla chipsEnjoy enjoy enjoy. Thank Jesus for HEB and their fresh tortillas. Then make more homemade tortilla chips and watch some more football and enjoy some more (and thank Jesus some more).

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