DIY pumpkin vases

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A couple years ago, (ok, I just looked at the date, and it was EIGHT years ago, y’all- how have we even been blogging that long!?!) we had an excess of pumpkins, and some fun hostessing to do, and we made a whole line of pumpkin vases!

I have used the “pumpkin vase” trick almost every year since, and made another whole line of pumpkin vases last year for Thanksgiving…

Which of course means I should point y’all to this DIY (all the steps for making the pumpkin vases are in that eight-years-ago tutorial)! Seriously- it is SO easy and the pumpkin-flower combo looks SO great.

If you need decor for a fall festival or Halloween party (or Thanksgiving!), these gems are the one for you!

These DIY pumpkin vases are perfect for every fall fete!

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