how to make pumpkin juice (harry potter inspired)

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harry_potter_pumpkin_juice_recipeThere’s a day coming when I put together the Harry Potter Party post, y’all, and share all the pictures of all the festive HP goodness. That day is coming- I promise!

harry_potter_pumpkin_juice_recipeBut also, I realized that the Pumpkin Juice we served at said Harry Potter party is perfect for fall. (Or the spring weather we’ve suddenly found ourselves in in New Zealand! Or anytime!).

harry_potter_pumpkin_juice_recipeI generally categorize pumpkin flavored things as ‘cozy,’ but this pumpkin juice is surprisingly refreshing as well (the party guests guzzled it after dashing around for a photo scavenger hunt).

harry_potter_pumpkin_juice_recipeWe’ll be making it for a Halloween party here in New Zealand, but it’s yummy and easy enough to make anytime you need a kick of Harry Potter in your life (so- always).


64 oz wassail (we used Trader Joe’s wassail- I bet you could use apple cider and it’d work too)

1 (15 oz) can pumpkin puree

2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

2 tsp vanilla


Blend well (I used a blender) and serve chilled.


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