grazing platter for mother’s day brunch

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What better time to work on perfecting my current favorite trend- THE GRAZING PLATTER – than during quarantine, while everyone is home 24-7 and our kitchen basically rivals the Great British Baking Show for flour usage.

And this extra pretty, baked-goods-heavy, fruit filled Mother’s Day brunch board was a great place to start.

(To be super honest, when I first pictured putting together a brunch grazing platter for Mother’s Day, I imagined being able to host people in our house. And also that bakeries would be open and able to provide some of the yummy brunch treats. But even without either of those, it still turned out great!)

Unexpected bonus- all of these yummy brunch foods have made for great quarantine breakfasts and snacks (and even lunch one day- haha!).

To put this brunch board together, we made-

blueberry muffins

-strawberry banana bread (we made mini loaves)

-raspberry glazed doughnut muffins (the recipe calls for blueberry glaze, but we did raspberry instead)

-skewers of silver dollar pancakes with a kiwi fruit topper

-hardboiled eggs (do you guys make these in the instant pot? It is such a game changer!)

-yogurt parfaits

We also added grapefruit, oranges, kiwis (Adam cut them into those crazy stars- pretty right?), crumpets (easier to come by in New Zealand, but Trader Joe’s has crumpets in the States), and chocolate croissants.

So so so pretty right?

And great for Mother’s Day, whether you’re doing brunch for a crowd or breakfast in bed.

(Also- sidenote- after the lockdown restrictions loosen, I am determined to be more cogniscent of and thankful for small luxuries like hosting friends and open bakeries. I love a good carb-baking-extravaganza as much as the next girl, but wow do I miss friends and stores!)

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