fall snack mix- pumpkin munch recipe


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This fall themed make-your-own snack mix was such a hit at our Halloween Party that I thought I’d put the recipe on here (ok, recipe seems a bit much… how to? DIY? Idea? Not sure what to call it?).

We call this fall snack mix “Pumpkin Munch,” but I know other people who call it “Scarecrow Crunch” or “Monster Mix” and I’m sure it goes by other names as well. “Fall Snack Mix” seems the most generic, but also the least fun- haha!

Anyway, how to make Pumpkin Munch Fall Snack Mix

halloween party food ideas- fall trail mix pumpkin munch

Gather a pile of snack mix staples! Ideas include-

Candy corns

Pumpkin candy corns

Pretzel (pretzel discs, pretzel sticks, twisted pretzels, flavored pretzels)

Marshmallows (sometimes there are pumpkin marshmallows)

Reese’s pumpkins or other pumpkin shaped treats


Cereal (I used Smacks, but you could also use Chex, Puffed Wheat, Kix, etc.)

M&Ms (I used mini M&Ms, but any flavor or size would do… it’d be fun to put the pumpkin spice M&Ms in here!)

Reese’s Pieces (the colors are perfect!)


Muddy Buddies

You could also add nuts to this lineup if you’re making this for a nut-tolerant crew!

On a round platter or tray, place a bowl in the center and then fan each of the ingredients out from the center in a wedge. Toss a little handful of each ingredient into the center to make an ‘sample mix.’ Add scoops and tongs and you’re done!

We left out little takeaway containers so that people could take their own custom Pumpkin Munch home with them as well.

halloween party food ideas- pumpkin munch (or scarecrow crunch?)

What a fun fall treat (and a great addition to any Halloween Party or fall event)!

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