easy halloween party food ideas

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halloween party food ideas

If you’re putting together a Halloween party (or any sort of fall fete) and need a pile of EASY party food ideas, this is your post!

Most of these were made by my kids (so EASY). I did include basic instructions for most of them, but almost all of them don’t even need those.

halloween party food ideas

And they’re all so festive and fun and fall-ish!

Jackolantern veggie tray

To make this fall veggie platter- position your dip ‘eyes,’ cucumber ‘smile,’ bell pepper ‘nose’ and cucumber stem and then fill in the rest with carrot matchsticks.

Spider ritz cracker sandwiches

To make these ‘spiders’- spread a thick layer of peanut butter on a ritz cracker and position eight half pretzel sticks as ‘legs.’ Then add another cracker on top and position candy eyeballs on the front of your ‘spider.’

Apple teeth

To make apple teeth- Cut an apple into eight to ten apple slices. Spread peanut butter on one side of two apple slices. Position a row of marshmallows in the peanut butter of one apple slice and add another apple slice on top of the ‘teeth.’

halloween party food ideas- pumpkin munch (or scarecrow crunch?)

Pumpkin Munch/Scarecrow Crunch (full recipe/instructions here)

Halloween treat grazing platter

To assemble this fall treat platter- Stack a dessert plate and a platter. Fill the dessert plate with one type of Halloween treat. Then gather a pile of various Halloween and fall themed treats and arrange in wedges extending from/around the dessert plate.

Ghost meringues

To make- Buy (or make) white meringues and press candy eyeballs into them.

Treats with candy eyeballs

To make- Add candy eyeballs to any treat!

Treats with pumpkin pom pom toppers

To make- Make a pile of pom poms (you can just make orange ones if you’re going for a more traditional pumpkin). Poke a small skewer into the base of the pompom and hot glue a stem and leaves to the top.

Pumpkin patch pudding shots

To make- layer chocolate pudding, crushed oreos (or chocolate cookies) and a pumpkin shaped candy corn into shot glasses.

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