embroidered map Christmas ornaments


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Ok, so these might be my favorite Christmas ornaments that I’ve made (maybe ever? That’s a bold statement, but I REALLY love these New Zealand map ornaments).

Maps. Plus Christmas ornaments. Plus embroidery. Plus a nod to our new home in New Zealand. It’s pretty much a compilation of a bunch of favorites.

They’re so easy to make- just trace an outline of your favorite place (I pulled a map of New Zealand up on google and traced with a fabric pen onto little squares of linen). Embroider (there’s a basic emboidery primer here if you don’t know how). Finish off the back of the embroidery hoop so it looks nice and neat (I hot glued the linen edges onto the embroidery hoop and then hot glued a circle of felt onto the underside, making everything nice and tidy).

Can’t you think of a whole pile of friends that these would be perfect for? Like everyone you know???

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