stash crafted wrapping paper snowman ornament

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Isn’t it funny how kids latch onto different things?  Last month, Burke was all about pumpkins.  Right now, he is enamored with snowmen.  He finds all the snowmen ornaments on every Christmas tree he sees, loves it when snowmen are part of Christmas cards, just can’t get enough snowmen.  So my wrapping paper ornament is, of course, a snow man (you could do it with any symmetrical shape, though… even a symmetrical monogram like A or M).
To make a wrapping paper snowman ornament, you’ll need:
-wrapping paper
-a symmetrical shape (I used circles and a symmetrical hat)
-a way to cut out your symmetrical shape (the obvious choice being scissors, but if you have punches or access to a diecut machine that you can use for this, it’ll make it easier)
1. Punch or cut your shape from the wrapping paper.  I probably punched 20 of each size of circle, but only cut out 7 or 8 hats.
2. Fold all of your shapes in half on the line of symmetry.
3. Start gluing your halves together.  You’ll eventually have a big stack of your shape folded in half and glued together.
4. Before completing your shapes by gluing your first piece and last piece together, glue a piece of ribbon through the center of your shape.

5. Then glue your shape(s) together and hang on your tree.  Stash crafted, snowman-y goodness for your one year old- done!

And that wraps up our stash crafted handmade holiday gift guide, y’all.  There are a couple of materials we didn’t get to- maybe next year.  In the meantime, we have a few more things to show you before Christmas… stay tuned!

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