the land of unfinished projects

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We are taking our to-do lists very seriously around here y’all (I didn’t mention this, but Adam has his own “Before Baby” to-do list as well).  I must still have some of that fabulous second trimester energy lingering, because we are getting a TON accomplished… headboards and toddler beds and pergolas and furniture redo’s and nursery decor and bedding and cornice boxes and baby projects.  Whew!  Though, if you look around our house, or even our yard at the moment, it is a sea of projects in all stages of completion.  Well, all stages except the “finished” stage.

Can’t wait to show you some of the finished products once we get there!

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  1. I am working this summer to get things officially off my to-do list. PS – I made a Bag Grabber using your tutorial and posted a pic on my blog.

  2. Wow. I know exactly what you mean. I need to pack to move, but my to-do list seems to grab my attention more at the moment. Good luck!

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