happy birthday jordan!

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This week, Jordan celebrated her 28th birthday!  In honor of this special occasion, I thought I’d share a few funny things you should know about her…

fried pickles- image from Southern Living

1. You already know she’d choose fries over ice cream any day… but her penchant for salty ‘treats’ is so great that we put all of our effort in planning her Birthday Dinner into the main dish and sides- steak and chicken kabobs, bleu cheese wedge salads with bacon crumbles, fried pickles and corn on the cob.  We used a store-bought angel food cake to hold her Happy Birthday candle because the girl just doesn’t have even an ounce of sweet tooth in her.

2. She loves to dress her girlies in matching dresses.  And, when the result is as cute as this, she should keep it up!

3. Jordan used to make fun of my love for bookstores (ok, I’ll be honest, this was pretty long ago, but still).  However, this year, for Jord’s birthday, we spent a good chunk of the morning at the Tattered Cover, a bookstore in downtown Denver.  Oh how the tables have turned.

4. Her heart is DELIGHTED by the fall-themed merchandise that is currently hitting store shelves.  Delighted.

5. She worked at a nursery in a Colorado mountain town (like, a tree farm nursery, not a babies-and-toddlers nursery) for a couple of summers in high school and LOVES plants.  Pair that with her artistic eye and I think she’d make a great landscape designer.

minus our brother, plus our lovely sister-in-law

6. We fit in that rare category of Siblings Who All Get Along.  I mean, we have our moments of making each other absolutely crazy.  But, most of the time, there are not many people I’d rather hang out with than my siblings and their families (ok, and our parents thrown in for good measure).  I know that doesn’t happen very often.

7. She’s a mountain girl in her heart.  With her joint loves for fishing, camping, fall, moderate temperatures, and the collegiate peaks, Colorado is right up her alley.  I don’t think she’ll ever live her, but I think it’d suit her.

I wish y’all could each spend a week with Jord so you could see for yourselves just how fantastic she is.  Since that isn’t possible, hopefully this little list gives you a few more glimpses into the funny, spunky, fabulousness that is my sis!   

Happy 28th birthday Jord!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jordan!! Wow, a birthday in Colorado!!! And to think of spending the day or even a portion of the day at the Tatered Cover… oh yeah!!! As many places as I've lived I will always hold a special spot in my heart for Colorado especially the Denver metro area!!!

    Once again Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jordan! That was very fun to read and learn!! From this blog alone I can tell you are one amazing person. Not just through the things you make, but you can feel your goodness. Happy Birthday

    Now I think we need to learn more about Kirsten.

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