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I love Austria… all mountains and castles and cobblestone streets and lederhosen and just general beauty. I especially love Salzburg, the home of the Von Trapp estate (you know, the family from the Sound of Music). That city makes me feel like singing and wearing dresses and splashing fountains… 

Anyhow, last week, I got a whole box (a BIG box) of sample curtain panels… that picture shows maybe an eighth of my new stash. When I showed Adam, he said, “Are you going to dress our kids in curtains like Maria on the Sound of Music?” Hahaha!

So the question of the hour is- what do I use these for? I am totally up for making them into clothing… Should I make skirts for Piper Jane? Pants for Burke? Teeny dresses? Do I dare venture into the land of trying to put something grown-up sized together for myself? And do you have any other great ideas? What would you do with this pile of fabric? I should note that they aren’t entire curtains, just curtain samples, so they’re only a couple feet wide. Also, some have prints (like the ones in the picture), but there are lots of solid panels as well (heavy on the velvet, linen and canvas). Help me out, friends!

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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  1. A) Where did these come from? They are pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, for my living room/kitchen. B) If you pick one, the sample would make a great valance, tie backs, or throw pillows. After that I would definitely look into kids clothes, possibly coordinating for Christmas pictures?

  2. How fun! I have no novel ideas but I do think some clothing would be really fun. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. It has been my experience that this type of fabric makes great purses! Those large print ones would look beautiful! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

  4. I am seeing a multi-gore skirt for you. Coordinating colors, narrow gores, full skirt, cute boots, and a fuzzy scarf and off you go pumpkin hunting.

  5. I love using sample decor swatches to make fabric covered bound books. Some throw pillows, table runners, and bags would be fun also.

  6. I would looooove to have a few, so I think after you send me some, you work on some cute bags 🙂 and throw pillow covers 🙂

  7. How fun! I agree with Margo. Those thicker fabrics would be great for pillows and purses.

    Hair accessories…tiered skirts. I know you will come up with fabulous things!

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