embroidered home sweet home wall decor

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This embroidered HomeSweetHome wall art is a great way to highlight the places that are special to you!

It’s simple, fun, and easily personalized, makes a great House Warming gift (or Christmas present). Even better, it matches pretty much any decor style. And it’s perfect for the geography buffs (or frequent movers) on your list.

Ready to make one? You’ll need:
-a frame with several openings (the number of openings should match your number of locations)
-cardstock (I used Crane’s lettra cotton paper)
-embroidery thread (match the recipients existing decor if you want)
-tapestry needle
-small felt hearts

Using the size of your openings as your guide (mine were each 6″x6″), print outlines of your states, provinces, or countries (I used the font ‘dingmaps‘).

With a needle, poke holes along the outline.

Using a tapestry needle (they have large ‘eyes’), “embroider” through your already-poked holes. It was easiest for me to go around the perimeter twice (the first time, I covered every other space and then filled in the gaps on the second round).

Finish embroidering all of your places. Mark the specific cities or towns with little felt hearts.

Place each embroidered place in a frame opening and you’re finished! This little gem is equally at home sitting on a shelf (or mantle!), hanging on a wall, sitting on a chair or wrapped up to give as a gift!

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