baby shower favor idea- “Dear Mama” mixed CD’s

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baby shower favor ideas- mama to be mixed cd'sThe favors for the Arrows and Bows shower were over the top fabulous (I didn’t have a single thing to do with them, so I can say that- they were seriously so amazing).

baby shower favor idea- Dear Mama mixed cd'sThey were seriously perfect for the guest of honor- not only does Katie have a fabulous singing voice, she also is known for making mixed CDs for her friends. However, I feel like these favors would go over great at any baby shower!

baby shower favor idea- mixed cd's (the playlist was all contributions from shower guests)The girls in charge of favors collected song ideas from the shower guests for their Dear Mama playlist (which ranged from lullabyes to Tupac). Then they tucked the cds in kraft cd holders and tied them up with baker’s twine. Darling!

baby shower favor idea- mixed cd'sWe even framed lyrics from the songs as shower décor.

baby shower favor idea- mixed cd's

As a bonus, we used the cd as background music during the shower. These favors were such a hit- I will definitely be using this idea again!


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    1. Hey Tess, thanks! There was SUCH a range of songs- everything from Tupac to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (we asked the shower guests to give ideas and those became the playlist). 🙂

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