the perfect little party bow-tique

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the perfect little party bow-tiqueWhat is it about adding a little play shop to a party that absolutely captivates the little guests attention?

the perfect party bow-tiqueI’m sure part of it is that there is no one to reign in, no one to set any kind of shopping limitations (and that the other big draw is the play money- haha!).

the perfect party bow-tiqueWhatever the case, every time I add a little shoppe, or boutique, or market to a party, I remember all over again what an absolute hit they are!

the perfect party bow-tiqueAnd the bow-tique at Evie’s Bow Party was no exception! The idea was inspired by Little Miss Evie’s love of Minnie Mouse’s Bow-tique.

the perfect bow party bow-tiqueTo put it together, we gathered all sorts of different bows and bow ties (and later, we brought in a couple jars of sweets as well so that the boys at the party would have more shopping options) and set up “Evie’s Bow-tique,” complete with a cash register and the all-important play money.

the perfect bow party bow-tiqueAnd Evie and her birthday party guests loved it even more than we expected or hoped!


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  1. So adorable! Your attention to the little details always amazes me. Hannah loves setting up a play store and asks me to come buy something. We may have to incorporate this into her next bday party. 🙂

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