the kids’ reading nook- a little tour


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cozy reading nook in a kid's roomOne kind of crazy thing about a really fast, really unexpected move is that we’re closing on our house in a few weeks and I haven’t even shown you pictures of any of it yet (well, except the wreck of demolition, the in-progress kitchen and the finally finished craft room).

gentry house picturesI kept putting off sharing pictures, waiting to finish all of the things. However, the only rooms we actually finished in this house are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Sometime I’m going to sit down and actually write out the twisty-turny path, full of surprises, that has made up these last two years.

gentry house picturesUntil then, I thought I’d share peaks of our Not Finished house (ok, to be fair, every house we’ve lived in is perpetually not finished- I like to switch things around a lot, but this house didn’t even get to the ‘time to switch things up’ place).

cozy reading nook in a kid's room- kojodesignsreading nookFirst up is the Reading Nook in Burke and Piper Jane’s room. Not only is this one of my favorite spots in the house, it also got a ton of wear (which I love).

cozy reading nook in a kid's room

kid's reading nookOn any given afternoon, you can find a kid, and a pile of books, and perhaps a few toys, and maybe even me, snuggled up on top of the layers of rugs and blankets in here.

cozy kid's reading nookMy vast collection of children’s books that I accumulated when I was a primary teacher are being put to very good use (which, again, I love!). Since the kids’ room is really large (15′ x 18′), this is the perfect use of the extra space.

reading nook

cozy reading nook

Can’t wait to share the rest of the (not finished) room soon!

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  1. Where or how did you make those bookshelves???
    Love, love, love this space. I’m going to be searching for a place to build something like this in my house.

    1. Hey Colleen- thank you for the kind words! The little book shelves are spice racks from Ikea. They work perfectly for corralling a stack of kid’s books.

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