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saipanHey friends! Just wanted to check in and let y’all know that we made it to Saipan! Thanks for all of your encouragement these last couple of weeks during the goodbye-ing, the traveling and the acclimating.

saipan beachWe feel so lucky to be greeted by a whole welcome crew of kind, helpful (patient!) people. They have given us quite the intro tour, answered hundreds of our questions, helped us find things like the DMV and veggies and fabulously secluded beaches, and just generally made us feel welcome here.

saipan beachThey even had a little s’mores party on the beach for us and another new family a couple nights ago- since both beaches and chocolate are love languages of mine, a beach-y s’mores party is pretty much perfection.

Right now, my head is spinning with all of the New. Moving is hard, and not just on the goodbye end (though, there were a couple of goodbyes in Denver that just about did me in). A new, very very different place without our people or even many former everyday staples (like spinach! or kale! or Sonic!) is a more than a bit overwhelming.

saipan beachJudging from the kids’ c-razy behavior these last few days, they are a little overwhelmed as well. Or jet lagged. Or both? The lack of familiar food is really throwing them for a loop as well (tonight during dinner Piper kept moaning, ‘but I haaaaaaaaate fresh tuna with mango salsa’). However, they do keep declaring every single beach we visit to be the Best. Beach. Ever. In. The. Whole. World. So there’s that.

saipanI will be sure to check in with an update as we get our bearings a bit- thanks again for all of the encouragement lately, friends!


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  1. I think what y’all are doing is amazing! Thanks for the update! Keep us updated on how it’s going. I’d also love to hear more about the island, the culture, where y’all live & shop, and of course the beaches. Prayers for an easy quick adjustment for all!

    1. Leigh Anne, what a sweet comment! I will certainly put together a post with more details on the island and everything else!
      Thanks also for your prayers- we are a little overwhelmed around here and appreciate prayers so much!

    1. Yes, an adventure for sure! And, honestly, I thought the beaches were going to be beautiful but they’re even more gorgeous than I imagined. 🙂 You’re right, the water is so beautiful!

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