donut brunch

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donut brunch partyHello and happy February! When we lived in Denver, this month was the hardest for me (it’s so short! and yet seems so long), so I thought we’d kick it off with the happiest, most cheerful party spread around.

donut brunch partyAnd there are few things I love as much as brunch. Or donuts.
donut brunch partySo a donut brunch is pretty much perfection.

donut brunch partyPerhaps even better than the obvious yumminess- this is pretty much the easiest party ever to put together.

donut brunch partyWood slices as cake stands, a whole lineup of donuts from a bakery, and a giant floral sign.

donut brunch partyBest of all- a donut bar is kind of seasonless. It works in summer. Or fall. Or winter (even in the middle of February!). Or spring. Right? LOVE.

donut brunch partyI am certain my next need is a beachy, Saipan-y version (which I should also put together stat- here in backwards-world, I only have a couple more months of ok weather before we enter crazy hot and melty!). Happy donut brunching (and February!), friends!

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