the best ingredients for a trail mix bar


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trail mix barBefore putting together the Trail Mix Bar for Bohden’s Bear Party, I scoured the internet for trail mix recipes. Then I added ingredients to the party bar, trying to offer elements from each flavor and texture category (plus a few of our favorite extras, just for kicks).

trail mix barThe key to making a great trail mix seems to be a combination of flavors and textures- salty + sweet + spicy + crunchy + chewy. So it would follow that the best setup for a Trail Mix Bar includes a variety of each of these elements.

mountain-y bear party- trail mix bar favorsWe didn’t include everything on this ingredient idea list, but it’s a good place to start if you’re putting together a Trail Mix Bar!

All different kinds of nuts

Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

Wasabi peas

Sesame sticks


trail mix barHoney roasted peanuts



trail mix barAll different kinds of cereal



Other dried fruit

Dried coconut flakes

mountain-y bear party- trail mix bar favorsChocolate chips

Butterscotch chips or any other flavored chips


Gummy bears

trail mix barChocolate covered pretzels

Other chocolate candies

Chocolate covered nuts

trail mix barChocolate covered espresso beans



the best trail mix bar (with a list of ingredient ideas!)I noted this on the Bear Party post, but should probably reiterate that if you are planning a Trail Mix Bar, you might want to encourage adult supervision as trail mix bags are assembled. 😉 We left this Trail Mix Station completely unsupervised and had tons of leftover staples (nuts, cereal, etc) and not a single gummy bear of marshmallow to spare- haha! Fair warning.

the best trail mix bar (with a list of ingredient ideas!)Happy Trail Mix-ing, friends!

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