how to make sangria for a crowd


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batch sangria recipe- how to make sangria for a crowdIt’s wedding season (and bridal shower season, and summer backyard party season), and last month I ran across a recipe the that is helpful for all these parties and events- how to make Sangria for a crowd.

batch sangria recipe- how to make sangria for a crowdWe recently added a Sangria Bar to a backyard party, and this Sangria-for-a-crowd was a HUGE HIT (also- this recipe for filling a drink dispenser with Sangria was a life saver for me). Easy, pretty, yummy- it makes me want to add one of these drink stations to every summer party!

RECIPE- SANGRIA FOR A CROWD (enough for a 7.5 quart drink dispenser)

4 bottles (750 mL) of wine (I used rose, but white and red wine all work great here)

1 bottle (750 mL) brandy

64 oz fruit juice- I used half grapefruit juice and half pineapple juice for the rose sangria, but apple juice also work well (or cranberry juice for red wine sangria). If you want to make sparkling Sangria, add sparkling juice or lemonade here.

16 oz fresh citrus juice

4 cups chopped fruit for Sangria mixture

A bottle of sparkling water (add just before serving)

batch sangria recipe- how to make sangria for a crowdServe with a variety of fruit for guests to add to their Sangria


For each batch, wine, brandy, fruit juice, citrus juice (fresh orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit juice all work well- I have also used a bottle of lemon juice in a pinch), and 4 cups of chopped fruit (I usually add fruits that will absorb the flavor but not disintegrate like citrus fruits, berries, and apples). Chill for at least 2 hours (to overnight) before serving. Add a bottle of chilled sparkling water (approximately 1 quart) before serving. Display with ice, a variety of cut fruit and herbs for guests to add to Sangria.

Since the prep work can mostly be finished up the night before, this is such an easy add on to a party or shower or wedding!

batch sangria recipe- how to make sangria for a crowdHappy batch sangria making, friends!



how to make a sangria bar for a party or wedding

The prettiest Sangria Bar (the one featured in these pictures!)

batch sangria recipe- how to make sangria for a crowd

Another Sangria Bar

blueberry rosemary citrus sangria recipe

This Blueberry Rosemary Sangria is THE BEST

prosecco berry sangria

And this Prosecco Berry Sangria is perfect for summer!

rainbow sangria recipe

And this Rainbow Sangria wins the prize for the prettiest of all the sangrias.

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    1. I’m sure you can make the Sangria without the sparkling water! When we’re making sangria for a crowd, the extra sparkling water adds ‘bulk,’ and helps fill the (usually rather large) drink dispenser, which is a perk. You could also add Sprite? Or I’m sure nothing at all would work great as well. 😉

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