best brunch charcuterie board for kids

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Is there anything more fun than a breakfast or brunch charcuterie board??? Perhaps a board that is geared towards kids and loaded up with their favorites?

Piled with all kinds of fruit, mini cereal bowls and milk shooters, cherry Poptarts (my kids’ fave, made even more amazing in their eyes by spending a couple years in the Land of No Poptarts, aka New Zealand), halved hard boiled eggs, mini pancakes and a bunch of different kinds of muffins and breads.

A few brunch recipe recs if you’re putting together a breakfast board-

These churro mini muffins were a hit.

And the kids LOVED the raspberry glaze on these muffins (the recipe calls for blueberries, but we used raspberries and it was perfection).

We also made blueberry muffins and little mini banana breads.

Citrus glazed donuts. Totally adding these to the next brunch board.

My aunt’s lemon blueberry bread. YUM.

I have said it before, but I’ll say it again- the best part of these grazing platters is their versatility. The brunch version could be used for Mother’s Day, or Easter, or even as a breakfast board after a slumber party!

Delicious! And SO FUN!

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