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Our -INGS of the week-

Growing… in more ways than one

Building… furniture and more furniture

Painting… inside and outside.  How can painting take so darn long, by the way?

Sewing… more baby stuff, and big boy stuff, too!

Wondering… in 5 weeks, will I be making another bowtie?  Or another little dress?

Nesting… I can’t stop, y’all.  The urges to organize and disinfect and beautify are just too strong.

burke’s first movie at the theater- Toy Story 3

Cherishing… the end of our journey as a family of 3.

Loving… a weekend that involves our favorite party of the summer!

How about you?  What are you do-ING this weekend?

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  1. Miss-ING my eldest as he is gone on the high school youth mission trip this week.
    Sweat-ING like mad as it is unseasonally warm/humid!
    Sort-ING for a garage sale (possibly in 5 days, arghhhh!!)
    Plant-ING perenials that were marked down to a $1 at Lowe's.
    Shar-ING ice cream and giggles with our younger boys!!
    Prepar-ING for the coming school year (how did we end up w/ 2 in high school as of next month!!)

  2. That was such a sweet post!

    We have been relax-ing. It's been a while so it is really welcome. I am excited for you to find out what you are having too!

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