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My three year old, Keadryn, loves to draw “puppets” on paper bags. Check out this one she drew of me:

Yep! You read that right, and she is not mistaken. There is a little baby in this mama’s (Jordan’s) belly and we are giddy around our house about it! Lord willing, little one #3 will join us at the beginning of February!YAY!

PS- If you have been keeping track of the pregnancies around here you know Kirst is pregnant and that our little sister, Kedron, is expecting too. So, yes, it does mean that all three sisters are pregnant at the same time and that in the next 6 months we will be adding THREE kiddos to our growing family! I can’t tell you how excited that makes us… now if only we could convince our sister-in-law to jump on this train- haha!

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  1. Congratulations to all of you. What cute sisters you all are and how fun having your babies all together.

  2. two years ago I was pregnant with two of my sisters and it really was the best. We loved it. Such a fun time in life to be sharing similar experiences.

  3. That's like my mom and her four sisters. They were all pregnant at the same time and had their babies, months apart. 😉


  4. aww! congrats to the 3 of you! that has to be the best time to have a sister. Im sure you guys are loving sharing it.

  5. LOVE the picture of the three of you. I was only blessed with brothers, so alas, no such fun for me, but what a great thing to have all those cousins!

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