farewell summer

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It’s no secret that summer just delights my heart (Kirstin’s, not Jordan’s!).  As we venture into the non-summer months, I thought I’d put together a little farewell list of Reasons to Love Summer…

backyard parties

baseball games

ice cream

grilling out (my hubs makes the most delicious grill-fired pizza you can imagine… made better with tomatoes, squash and basil fresh from the garden!)

skirts and sundresses (less of these this summer with the pregnant belly… but still)

burke’s wild surfer ‘do

the garden

sitting on the front porch (those are our parents with Miss Piper Jane… aren’t they cute?)

eating popsicles outside (or the mama variation on this- “drinking diet coke with vanilla from sonic outside”)

ps- You Autumn Lovers should know that Jordi’s list of Reasons to Love Fall is coming… 🙂

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