four fun things

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1- Thanks for all of your encouragement about this year’s cards- y’all are so great! We’ve started adding the 2010 designs to our kojodesigns etsy shop, so head on over if you need personalized thank you notes (there are still several sets that we haven’t added yet, so if you loved a specific design, keep checking back- it should be up soon!). There is a whole host of goodness yet to come- digital Christmas card files and some card/ornament combos, and even some Christmas-y goodness at kojobaby. We’ll keep you posted as we get that stuff up in both shops!

2- A sneak peak at some goodness to come- in November, we’ll be hosting a Gifts for Guys series here at the kojo blog. Get excited, friends! There will be giveaways galore (all stuff your husbands/dads/brothers would LOVE to open on Christmas morning!) and quite the impressive lineup of guest bloggers. Of course, we’ll throw in a few tutorials as well of the things we’re making for Adam and Drew. The fun starts November 8th. Like I said, get excited… it’s going to be frappin’ amazing!

3- The curtain samples are being put to good use. As you’ll notice, in that picture Piper Jane is wearing a curtain-skirt, laying on a curtain backdrop- haha! I’ve mostly been making skirts so far… Oooh, and I used one of the curtain samples as part of the shirt for Jess’s fabulous Sew Along as well. Can’t wait to show you the finished product!

4- My thank you notes for all of the loveliness we received for Piper Jane are finally finished and sent… for the record, I know, that’s pathetic.

Anything fun going on with you?

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  1. I got my thank you notes in the mail the other day and they're GORGEOUS! Now people need to give me stuff (hahaha) so I can thank them stylishly. On another note, now that I have these adorable fat quarters, could you suggest some projects with them? I've already decided that the vintage alphabet is going to be a giant buletin board with white grosgrain ribbon and chair brads and will also be the inspiration for the playroom/hopefully soon to be finished basement.

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