supercute gift wrap (get your toddler involved!)

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I love celebrating with the families of newborn babies! It feels like that newborn bit is super special, more than a little sleep deprived, and very unique in your journey as a family. What better time to take a family a meal (and some presents!) and let them know you’re thinking about them?

Some of our best friends at the dental school recently had their first baby, and Burke was really interested in the bundle of fun things we were putting together for Baby Caden (and his parents). I love it when I see glimpses of Burke becoming interested in caring for others and try to encourage that as much as possible. So I gave him the VERY important job of making the gift wrap for Baby Caden’s presents.

First I wrote “Welcome Baby Caden” on a huge piece of paper and Burke went to town with the markers…

…then I trimmed off the edges…

…and used the decorated paper to wrap up a box of sweet little onesies…

…topped the package off with an extra large pom pom…

…and voila! A newborn-baby ready, Burke decorated package! So fun!

I just wish I had a picture of Burke’s face as he handed this package to Sarah and Justin!

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  1. I love this. What a great lesson you're teaching and creativity you're inspiring so early on! (I'm totally swiping this idea.)

  2. This is adorable! Definitely going to have my nieces help me with gift wrapping from here on out!

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