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Can I tell you something? It’s been c.r.a.z.y. busy around here! I feel like we’ve been going non-stop for a month (isn’t it funny that vacation goes in the category of going non-stop? Haha! But it does!). All of the crazy-contributors fit in the category of “good crazy,” but it’s chaos nonetheless.

Adding to the crazy goodness?

1. My brother and his wife moved to Denver. You probably picked up on the fact that I would LO-OVE to live in the same town as one of my siblings, so this is seriously fabulous news for us- the best kind of busy I can imagine!

2. Adam went to Guatamala for a couple weeks to do medical relief work with the organization Global Dental Relief. The stories (and pictures) are amazing, and I am so thankful that he’s having a chance to use his talents/skills to serve people. Having the kids by myself for a couple weeks was no joke, though. You single moms out there, ohmygoodness. Wow.


3. Jordan and Drew are visiting for a couple weeks. We’re trying to soak up every minute with them that we can before they move. And also take advantage of Jord’s fabulous photography skills… the family pics she took are beyond what I was hoping for, and she even took some Kirstin-as-a-dress-model pics that are way better than my usual awkward stuff (I still felt just as silly, though! Like, I’m still super nervous even to show y’all silly).

4. There’s some fun creative stuff going on around here. I will say I have a couple new fav.or.ite. can’t-live-without-’em paint tools (from Plaid’s new Martha Stewart Paint line). Can’t wait to share a couple tutorials!

5. Guess whose room is finally getting finished up? The Little Miss Piper Jane’s! Just a few of the projects on the docket (or in various stages of completion)- a painted rug, a wall of hooks, pink paint (ok, the color is more coral than pink, actually), new wall art, a throw pillow, new lighting, a new bookcase with patterned back panels, an Anthro plushie knock off…

6. IKEA came to Denver! Funny story- I wrote Ikea a letter when we first moved here asking begging them to please open a store in Denver. Six years later, Denver has an Ikea is finally complete- haha! It was probably because of my letter, don’t you think?

7. Part-ay tonight! Last one of the summer!

Is it crazy goodness around your house, too? Do share!

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  1. I had to laugh about the Ikea comment! My cousin has been on an annual letter writing crusade to Ikea for the past number of years (more than I care to admit!! ha ha) and she said the very same thing. However when the new store went in, where did it go in? Centennial!! Just about a mile away from her sister and…. she lives in Thornton!

    It looks like you have been having a wonderful time! Loved the pictures and I know you loved having family in to visit!

    Enjoy what's left of summer!! And enjoy Denver for me… I sure do miss it and ALL of my family who live there!!

  2. oh ya…you're letter was IT! way to go, you advocate-ish person, you 🙂

    and HOLY HANNAH, your LEGS, girl! Beautimous!

    Have a great night/party 🙂

  3. Cray-zee at our house, too! Getting our house ready to sell, house hunting, a zillion days of 100+ degree days, ahhh! Crazy!

    P.S. Don't be self-conscious about your fashion shots up there! They're awesome.

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