Hyatti- walking

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Haven’t the guests posts this week been fabulous? I rarely think of making things for myself, but this week has got the creative juices flowing. I currently have about 10 projects in the works, which I can’t wait to share!

This week has also been fun because Miss Evie Kate decided this week that crawling is overrated and that walking is a much more effective way to get from point A to point B. I love her new walk, her high knees, her wobbly turns, and most of all, the sense of accomplishment displayed on her face!

*sigh* my baby is quickly leaving baby stage…

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  1. adorable! i LOVE the wobbly-drunken-frankenstein-so-proud-of-myself walk! congrats baby evie.

    p.s. those cheeks?! oh my goodness…do you just kiss them all day long?

    1. Dayna- I kiss them so much that she has actually started pushing me away! I can.not.handle. the cuteness of chubby cheeks! 🙂 -jord

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