a long long trip (and a lego travel tote)


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lego travel tote by kojodesigns (inspired by if only they would nap!)Here’s the thing about your sister living a thirty hour plane ride away- going to visit her requires a thirty hour plane ride.

lego travel toteWhen I didn’t have kids, well honestly, I still thought the trip was pretty brutal. But kids add their own special spin to long trips. And by spin, I mean they strike trepidation into the heart of their mama (especially since it’s just me and the Smooches this time- turns out Adam can’t take a whole month off).

lego travel tote

By the time you read this, we are probably about halfway around the world (I’ll post updates on instagram as we go). Burke and Piper Jane’s little backpacks are full of fabulous surprises (I wrote a post about traveling with toddlers once upon a time and am trying to follow my own advice).

Lego travel toteThe best surprise, hands down, is the Lego Travel Tote tucked into Burke’s backpack. When I saw Jess’s absolutely genius idea, I knew right away it would be a perfect gift for my little Lego lover. Head over there for the directions- if you have a little one who loves Legos, this should be on your to make list for sure. (I just used a paper suitcase, a couple lego baseplates and a small clear plastic divider to tuck inside).

Lego travel totePerhaps it’ll provide thirty hours of entertainment? In the meantime, if you have a minute to pray for my kids to be their sweetest, most angelic selves as we fly, I’d really appreciate it. I will be sure to check in soon with pictures of our adventures and sister time!

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