the best posts of 2013 (and happy new year!)

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the best projects of 2013 by kojodesigns

Happy New Year dear friends! I mentioned last week that I was kind of hurrying 2013 out the door, and that’s true. However, looking back through pictures to round up the best posts of 2013 was good for my heart. Last year, though not the easiest, was also full- full of celebrations (including some of my favorites parties yet), full of trying new things (juicing, anyone?), full of house projects, full of new adventures (like starting our adoption process!) and old favorites (I think I logged more hours running in 2013 than any other year yet).

It was also full of DIY projects- here are a few of the best projects from the last year (mostly according to our blog stats, but with a couple of our favorites thrown in as well)-

best projects of 2013

Best play dough ever (a recipe) /  Detox water recipes  /  Linen spring wreath  /  More detox water recipes

Homemade salted caramel sauce  /  Pre-scooped ice cream  /  S’mores sampler platter  /  Sangria bar

Delicious ice cream cupcakes  /  Metallic alphabet magnets  /  Homemade biscuits  /  DIY diaper clutch

Toddler top knot  /  Homemade birthday cake oreo  /  Flowy tunic tutorial  /  Healthy quinoa fried rice

Polka dot cork letters  /  Homemade juice recipes  /  Homemade bath paint recipe  /  How to put together a Mimosa Bar

Thanks for spending time here, friends, and for being a part of our year!

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  1. Adoption process? Like in puppy???

    Seriously, I think that is wonderful and something that I’ve always thought I wanted to do. I am sure there is a little one out there right now, just waiting to become a member of your family! I hope, and pray, the process is a smooth one and that this new person is with you sooner rather than later.

    1. Dayna, thanks so much for the encouragement. My heart is hoping for sooner rather than later as well, but we are trusting that God knows what is best, who will be in our family, and take care of the timeline (I have to remind myself of this truth daily, though!). We are SO excited, and nervous too. Can’t wait to share more!

        1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Congratulations friend!
          We’ve just started our paperwork, so we haven’t had to narrow countries so far (we’ve narrowed to five, after home study we’ll have to narrow for sure), but Haiti is my number 1 choice right now. That’s nuts Jess! Wish you guys were still around so I could pick your brain for hours and hours!!!!

          1. We are working with Meredith at Lifeline! Are you considering Lifeline? So far I would highly recommend them. They seem very ethical, have great communication, and have completed adoptions in Haiti, which other agencies we looked into hadn’t. I do wish you were closer so we could chat!

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