a rainbow of party candy


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a rainbow of party candy

As part of my little brother’s 30th birthday party, we put together a little rainbow of party candy (along with the Nacho Bar).

rows of rainbow colored candyIt was so very easy, just candy cups filled with all different colors of candy, arranged in rows.

rainbow of party candyBut it’s so pretty- such impact for so little work equals something I must share!

rainbow of candyEven better- we made little signs of all of our favorite things about our brother and stuck them in the candy (aka- ‘his passion for trucks,’ ‘his awesome white snake lip syncing skills,’ ‘his laugh,’ ‘the way he adores Josie’). The rainbow of party candy (already pretty fun) turned extra fun- perfect for a thirtieth (or any-eth) birthday!


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    1. Hey Liz- maybe 3? Mine is usually gone that first day (or the next)… I would check the fruit to make sure it’s ok and not getting moldy/rotten after that…

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